MAP Global is so excited to introduce you to one of our newest partners: the Cliftons.

To learn more about what they do and how to support them, read their story below.

Cary and Reny Clifton


Experts estimate there are more than 2.2 million church pastors globally and that more than 90% of them receive little to no training.  These leaders are uniquely positioned and have tremendous potential to impact the most impoverished, remote, oppressed and marginalized peoples of the earth.  For more than 20 years Cary Clifton has equipped strategic pastors to confidently train others in their sphere of influence.

Cary Clifton

Drawn to hospitality and help for oppressed and marginalized people, Reny found new life and opportunities when she married and joined Cary in Hong Kong. For more than 20 years Cary has pioneered methods and led training efforts, uniquely designed for pastors who serve in exceptionally challenging circumstances.  With the help of his team, Cary authored courses, strategized approaches and trained minimally educated leaders. With experience in multiple countries, Cary is passionate about addressing the needs of the 90% of pastors who have had little to no training. Their challenges include:


Remote areas which are difficult, dangerous or impossible for others to access


Resistant, hostile or limited access to foreign influence (particularly Christian)


Financial limitations created by poverty and culture without resources


Majority religion of the region resists or persecutes Christians


Minimal or limited access to education

It is limited access to education which particularly disqualifies so many pastors from traditional training schools, centers, and online opportunities. These options require higher education skills in order to benefit from their approach.


The effective methodologies developed by Cary result in training which is localized, successfully transferred, and best described as a training movement. Cary believes global, pastor training movements are not only possible but necessary to meet the astounding global need for pastoral training.

In step for expansion and to assure best possible outcomes, Cary is combining his decades of field experience with a rigorous academic study program which strengthens his ability to further innovate and develop ever improving methods for training; acting as a catalyst for multiplying training movements worldwide.  Please consider partnership with Cary and Reny Clifton if you, too, want to impact the most impoverished, remote, oppressed and marginalized peoples of the earth. Customized, biblical, transferable, training for minimally educated pastors who are uniquely positioned in their communities is an exceptional strategy for global impact.

Cary and Reny Clifton