Make a Global impact!

MAP Global is a 501c3 that exists to provide support and to advocate for other unique Christian ministries.  

Because MAP Global is a not-for-profit entity we operate on the crated value generated by our partnerships and the generous donations of people like you.  Thank you in advance for your Kingdom support!

By donating to MAP Global your contribution will help support the operational expenses of the ministry as well as provide needed capital for growth.  This ultimately results in the ability of MAP Global to provide top tier service to our existing partners as well as supporting greater numbers of world changing ministries!  We can't thank you enough for joining us in this great move of God!

Every one of MAP Globals ministry partners is meeting a unique need and doing so with the greatest stewardship and integrity possible.  By supporting a partner your contributions go to the front line impact of their cause!  All partners are fiscally responsible and financially accountable to MAP Global and the subsequent financial oversight of MAP Global and their board of directors.