MAP Global is so excited to introduce you to one of our newest partners, the Novgrod’s.

Justin and Mary (and their children) have recently started a Christian based elementary school for children in Tamerindo, Costa Rica and they share about the work they do below.


“Our ministry is all about sharing the love of Jesus through education and service. We teach children from all over the world. We moved to Tamarindo, Costa Rica because God called us here to be trail blazers for the needs here. We are serving at a project based elementary and high school called Journey Tamarindo, and in addition we also have opened a martial arts school called The Lions Gate Kung Fu Academy where we get to serve both youth and adults. We are also a part of the Tamarindo Church here. We have also served and will continue to serve the Saving Hearts program in Costa Rica, which is a program for girls rescued from sex trafficking.”


“Tamarindo is a global collection of people where frontline ministry takes place and affects the nations. There was a need for a school to serve children who have moved here. We are currently serving 30 children representing more than 28 different spoken languages.”


The Novgrod’s are currently seeking monthly supporters to help cover the cost to live and serve in Costa Rica. With your support they will be able to offer a loving, faith-based education to these children. They would like to invite you to take part in the journey with them as we partner together to bless the children of Costa Rica!


The Journey Tamarindo School


The Lions Gate Kung Fu Academy


Saving Hearts Program