Expand Ministries & Aid International (EMAI) is an International Christian Ministry Providing Pastor Training and Mentorship, Church Planting and Discipleship, and Compassionate Ministry Aid Where Needed.

EMAI is a small non-profit with an ambitious calling and big heart for the unreached. In fulfillment of our mission, churches have been planted in Uganda, Kenya, MexicoColombia, Tanzania, and South Sudan. Our ultimate goal is to plant churches by first spreading the Gospel and making disciples. We work through Persons of Peace whom we train, mentor and equip so they can replicate what they have learned from us to teach others. 2 Timothy 2:2


Johannes Swart (or as he prefers to be called Janes.. , pronounced “Yah-nez”), has been a full-time missionary since 2007 and ordained as a pastor since 2009 and has served the Lord faithfully since becoming a Christian in 1991.   Janes has been called to minister in some of Africa’s toughest and most remote places in the world and as a result, has almost died from measles, malaria, and host of other diseases, was struck in the face with a machete, and several times found himself in the midst of gunfire in hostile and dangerous territories. Despite these obstacles, Janes has planted over 45 churches in five different countries and overseen the operations of many others as he operates in his gifting as a “pastor of pastors”. Janes has also preached God’s word and testified of the mission calling in congregations across Africa and throughout North America.

His message to the churches brings of hope, encouragement and the call to live a life that brings Glory to God!

Janes founded EMAI in 2018 in order to have a greater focus on training indigenous, local church leaders and be more effective in church multiplication and discipleship, teaching the uncompromising Word of God.  Expand endeavors to emphasize quality over quantity in building God’s kingdom.