Faith Girl Testimonials

Being a FAITH GIRL means that I have faith God will keep His promises!
Jeri, age 62 Brooklyn, New York

The term Faith Girl keeps me motivated to live my life according to the word. To not waiver in my belief in God's promises to give me the desires of my heart.
Stephanie, age 50 Concord, North Carolina

FG...As I was approached with FaithGirl apparel, years ago, I felt energized, overwhelmed, elated that I was introduced to such a BLESSING of the start of a clothing line...and not only that, but also, because the Founder/CEO/OFG (Original FaithGirl)is an outstanding, beautiful, woman of God whom strives for excellence. I enjoy my FG items and I am looking forward to the newly expanded items .
Toni, age 55 Asheville, North Carolina

To be bold, Courageous, & filled with faith -believing that all things are possible through Christ that believes and to wear a shirt that represents what I Believe
Terra, 43 Charlotte, NC

FG means fellowship, support, inclusion, staying faithful to God and empowerment.
Mercedes, 45 Asheville, NC