GEM (Ernie and Elaine Gentry)

Grandpa Ernie's Ministry (GEM) "You will still bear fruit in old age, and will stay fresh and green, proclaiming the Lord is upright, HE is My ROCK". Psalm 92:14,15

Balloons are opening the world to Grandpa Ernie and Elaine!  Grandpa Ernie has been in 33 countries so far, and the balloons have gone with him to half of them.  This time he will take a team of 5 to Nepal March 29th and return on April 9th.  Their contact in Nepal has a radio ministry throughout the whole country and has set up two days of ministry in three cities of Eastern Nepal for their team. They will have a one-day teacher training in child evangelism and a one-day VBS with teachers using what they have learned with local children in each venue. Over 100 teachers and 500 children are expected to attend these training/evangelism sessions. 

The first day, in small groups led by our team members, they will encourage teachers in prayer, enable them to show the salvation message through crafts, Bible stories, and more. The second day teachers will have groups of children to train with their help. They are also taking gifts for the children: string back packs sewn by ladies in our area, hair barrettes, crocheted balls, stuffed animals, and of course, balloon yo-yos from Grandpa Ernie. The cost of this trip is $2700 for each team member which includes the teams airfare, visa, travel in country, as well as overnight housing for teachers and food for all. Ernie and Elaine thank you for all your prayers and support and can be contacted at (828) 593-9892 or