Raising Kids on Your Knees

Tina Chambers Smith is a writer, author, teacher and founder of Raising Kids on Your Knees, a blog focused on equipping parents to pray and parent life into the lives of our children. She has seen the power of prayer in her own children’s lives and believes there is no better way for us as parents and guardians to raise our children than on our knees in daily prayer for them.  She has started a Prayer Tribe where people all around the world receive a once-a-week prayer sheet for their children.  You can join others around the world in prayer for the next generations on the Raising Kids on Your Knees website. 

Tina resides with her husband, Rod, in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Together they have four children and two grandchildren.

There are a several ways Raising Kids on Your Knees comes alongside parents to equip them to pray and parent life into their children.  One is by publishing biblically based parenting articles on topics relevant to today's parents.  Through these articles, parents are challenged to walk with Jesus in their own personal lives.  As parents begin walking in a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ, they will be able to impart to their children those same disciplines, thus giving their children the tools they need to facilitate their own healthy relationship with Jesus. 

Secondly, Raising Kids on Your Knees has created a global Prayer Tribe in which parents around the world receive a weekly one-page prayer sheet. The prayers cover the topic of the parenting article published for that week with Bible verses that solidify the truth behind each prayer.  Raising Kids on Your Knees believes that our best parenting is done on our knees and a daily discipline of prayer for our children gives them distinct advantages in the spiritual realm as well as creating a righteous heritage for generations to come. 

Finally, Raising Kids on Your Knees publishes a weekly Prayer Tribe Newsletter which is sent out every Sunday via email.  It refers their subscribers to the parenting article as well as linking subscribers to the free downloadable and printable prayer sheet for the week.  Also included in the weekly Newsletter is a fun recipe or tip.  Tina knows and believes family life happens around the dining table as relationships with each other are our most important relationship outside our relationship with Christ.

Tina firmly believes the prayers of a righteous parent are powerful and effective in the lives of children and her vision is to make that happen in families around the world.

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