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Raising Kids On Your Knees: A Women’s Retreat


A Women’s Retreat with Founder and Teacher Tina Chambers Smith

Rest. Refresh. Renew.


As a Mom of children of any age, we all need rest.  Granted some of us more than others!  The Raising Kids on Your Knees Women's Retreat is designed to give you a weekend where you can rest.  Rest from the daily routine, the endless nights awake and the early duty calls in the morning.  Our team is ready to pamper you! We have arranged our itinerary with you in mind.  Sessions that start a little later than the usual so you can sleep in.  A free breakfast that is open just a little later than the norm and a Saturday afternoon just for you.  You can sleep, hang out by the pool, take a shopping trip without even having to drive because we've arranged your shuttle. With the Blue Ridge Parkway only a short drive away, venture out and let the mountains hug you as you take in breathtaking views.  We've even planned a canvas painting party should you want to join in.


Sometimes all it takes is time away with our friends to help us feel refreshed.  The conference is limited to only forty women and is designed for you to make new connections with other moms.  Stay connected as Prayer Partners through the Raising Kids on Your Knees Prayer Tribe as well as social media following the retreat!  You'll be building your own Tribe of Moms to help encourage, pray and lift you up throughout the year.


Let's face it, time in the Word and prayer are hard to come by and especially while your children are little.  We have sessions that will challenge you build a strong foundation to stand on as you spiritually parent your children. Come and be renewed spiritually in the Word and in song as our very own Within These Walls worship team leads us into the presence of God.